building a learning container

I have decided to use WordPress to keep track of my learning artifacts. I thought this would be easy…EVERYONE uses WordPress (and I’ve always wanted to learn). I started looking at it in September, and after watching several videos in the Quick Start Course, I wondered if I’d made the right choice for a web tool to house my LCP. The videos were overkill to me, and I couldn’t figure out what pieces of the training I could apply. It’s now December and I’m feeling like I’m overthinking it, so I just decided to dive in. I’ve learned that I learn best when I can take small pieces of information and apply them as I go.

I printed off the “Get Going Fast: A Checklist” so I could make notes on it and am working my way through. I set up my site a month ago, but today (December 17, 2015) I learned to upload a custom header and add a .pdf/word document. And I just learned to build a menu! Thanks to the excellent chat support, I also learned to add a sidebar with a calendar.


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