wordpress conquered (well, slightly)

I have finally figured out how to configure a basic WordPress site. Some hints that might help:

  1. The support on this site is second to none. When I couldn’t find solutions in the searchable support documentation, I was able to chat with a “Happiness Engineer” who quickly pointed me to the correct documentation or walked me through the setup. And they email you your chat transcripts with hyperlinks in case you forget how to get back to the documentation.
  2. The categories widget is a great way to organize your posts by themes or topics. You may want to spend some time thinking about what these categories (and subcategories) will be. I also added the tag cloud widget so I could pull out more detailed themes by tagging them.
  3. The blog page you start with isn’t a page. If you want to make a static page your home page, you will need to create another page to add blog entries.
  4. You can do most editing from the WordPress site by logging in and clicking on “My Site” but you can also edit though the admin portal, or Dashboard, and I’m still figuring out the differences. For example, you can only edit Categories in admin (click on Posts and then Categories). You can also assign a category to a parent category here.
  5. The calendar widget is a good visual check that I am reflecting on my learning with enough frequency.
  6. The search widget allows me to search my site.



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