learning a new language

As part of my LCP I have chosen to complete a French course. This is something I’ve always wanted to do but have never really had the nerve, and I thought it would help me understand how new learners feel when they embark on learning the new “language” of their NSCC programs.

I might have doubted whether someone my age can learn something as intricate as a new language, but I was reassured by my Coursera Course, Learning how to Learn, that our brains can create new synapses and learning “chunks” at any age.

I went to Université Sainte-Anne‘s Halifax campus this week to register for an evening course. I walked into the campus, not knowing where I was supposed to go and trying to negotiate the signage with my limited knowledge of French– which gave me a whole new appreciation for the students who come through our doors.  I then sat there and waited to be tested, wondering why I had thought this was a good idea and whether I’d be able to go through with it. I nervously blundered my way through the interview, very grateful for the patient young teacher who conducted it. And then it was all complete and I walked out through the doors, registration in hand, feeling pretty proud of myself.

My French course starts on Monday!


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