learning a new language is hard!

I just finished week 4 of my French course and wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. Last week, a new instructor took over, and she has very little English. It is great to be immersed in the language, but very challenging too! I have a whole new appreciation for students who are trying to navigate through the new “languages” of their programs

There are so many factors that are impacting my learning: my course is in the evening when my brain is more tired; most other students in the class know each other and I feel shy; I was at a conference all last week and didn’t get time to practice; I like the new instructor but miss the previous one.

As I learned in my “Learning how to Learn” course, I am either at the point of “knowledge collapse” and my learning is about to leap forward, or I’m experiencing “Einstelleung” and my brain is stuck in old patterns. I’ll sleep on it, which that course also recommended is an important part of learning.


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