veering from my pedagogy path

I’m working my way through my learning plan, which includes a series of free Coursera courses called “Foundations of Teaching for Learning”. Half way through the first module (the introduction), however, I have decided not to continue with this 9-module course. Most of the content in the introduction was related to teaching pedagogy for children, and through my research I have learned that the teaching principles for adults (andragogy) are very different. Here’s a table from an adult education site that summarizes the differences:

and vs ped

Here a couple of interesting articles on how to apply the principles of andragogy:

Caruth, G. (2014). Learning How to Learn: A Six Point Model for Increasing Student Engagement. Participatory Education Research, 1(2), 1-12. Retrieved from:

Forrest III, S. P., & Peterson, T. (2006). It’s Called Andragogy. Academy Of Management Learning & Education, 5(1), 113-122. doi:10.5465/AMLE.2006.20388390


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