and the beat goes on

Mary Jane was in town on April 7 for training so we go together to finalize our AACUSS presentation. We’ve found some fun songs to represent the generations and an interesting activity to start things off. Mary Jane will prepare the section of the presentation that relates to Millennials, and I am researching Gen Z. Most of my information comes from the recently published book, Generation Z Goes to College. This generation will challenge the post-secondary environment in a whole new way:

  • By 2020, they will be 1/3 of the population (6), so we’d better be ready for them.
  • They describe themselves as loyal, compassionate, thoughtful, open-minded, responsible and determined (7-12) and are “we” focussed, unlike their millennial predecessors who are “me” focussed.
  • Their information literacy skills are poor (27).
  • Their learning environments will need to integrate options for hybrid learning (205-6).

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