workplace learning

Yesterday, I attended a webinar from the Education Institute entitled “Work, The Library, and Everything in Be(tween): Targeted Library Services for Job Seekers and Tweens” (with Kyle Marshall & Jennifer Schell from Edmonton Public Library). What stood out to me most in this session is the amount of work that public libraries do in helping people to prepare for or enter into the workforce. The high statistics that these presenters quoted for Edmonton Public are, based on my extensive work with public libraries over the years, indicative of work done by public libraries in Nova Scotia in supporting people who are encountering challenges with entering the workforce. The presenter talked about public libraries being called upon to assist people who are homeless, those with no technology at home, with poor typing or literacy skills, immigrants who are not sure how the job process works, and so on.

This is not an area in which NSCC Library Services has provided formal support, but it may be worth investigating what is available in Nova Scotia to help people who struggle to enter the job market and how NSCC Library Services might support this valuable work. This certainly could be considered a workplace information literacy concern.


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