reaching the summit

Last week, Mary Jane Pittman and I presented our findings on the information seeking behaviours of today’s post-secondary students at the Atlantic Association of College and University Student Services (AACUSS) conference in Fredericton, NB on May 26, 2016 . It was interesting to be presenting to non-library folks, and we received a lot of positive feedback on our work to date. We both also received a nice thank you:

AACUSS presentation thank you

My portions of the presentation included developing an introduction, a section on Millennials as students and some of the tools used by NSCC that meet the information needs of these students. Here is a link to the full conference session:

Supporting the Information Needs of Today’s Students

I have already captured some of my key findings about Gen Zs in a previous post, but my key learning from the conference came about  from presentations about post-secondary attempts to communicate with students, including:

  • using news feeds to send out information to students and parents
  • formatting email as brief newsletters and using images to link (which my research shows is effective with Gen Z)
  • creating a TV-show like set of videos that answers a lot of the questions new students have
  • setting up first year credit courses that help students navigate information.

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