student success

From May 16-20, 2016 I took part in an NSCC course, CCEP3017 – The Student Services Professional

Throughout the week, the instructors gave us an overview of the history of Student Affairs in North America, and through this information and some research by teams we developed at the conference, we developed a timeline wall of events in  this history. Here is part of the wall:

CCEDP Student Services Course wall

Our instructors also walked us through the “Student Services Core Services” document which was released in February 2016 and the “Student Services Alignment Project Environmental Scan”, which was last revised on July 15, 2014.

In our course, we were also given an overview of the development of student affairs at NSCC, which was fascinating. It is interesting that when the College first formed, it was not felt that students would need student affairs staff.

As part of my coursework, I completed a brief assignment on the factors I felt had the greatest impact on the development of student affairs at post-secondary schools:

CCEP3017 – History of Student Affairs

We also heard first-hand from NSCC staff about student development theories which they use on a daily basis. The theory I decided to research further was Intersectionality. Here is the brief assignment I completed on that:

CCEP 3017 – Intersectionality

When I attended the AACUSS conference, there were a lot of presentations related to student mental health and the push for post-secondary  to move back to acting as “loco parentis”, like they had been in the 1800s.



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