creating, moving and learning

I just finished week 2 of the Coursera course “Sit Less, Get Active“, which gives lots of suggestions for moving, even when you are in an office job like me. What I’ve noted is that just thinking about being more active over the last couple of weeks and setting SMART goals have helped me be more conscious of being physically active. As a result, I feel healthier, stronger and more receptive to learning. The course demonstrates why we perform better in work and school when we are active, and I think this is something we have lost sight of. It would be great if every one of our programs had an active living component.

I am also in the process of taking another Coursera course called “Ignite your everyday creativity“. It is one of my goals to get back to being a creative person, and this course has helped me see the many ways in which I am so. The video on the Developmental trajectory of creativity indicates that everyone is creative in their everyday lives, but we tend to stifle or pre-judge our creative tendencies, which prevents us from developing them. Dr Ronald A Beghetto, a Creativity Researcher notes in the video that ” whenever somebody learns something new, and it’s for something meaningful…that’s an act of creativity”. So I think that just being in the role of a learner (through my LCP), I am creating by learning. A double win.


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