wellness as an “employability skill”

I met with my creativity mentor, Kathleen, yesterday (August 3, 2016), and we had a great chat about what being a creative person looks like. I talked about how all the Coursera courses I’ve taken so far talk about the importance of life balance for optimal learning. Kathleen gave me a copy of the Healthy Mind Platter, which I found to be an excellent summary of everything I have been learning about being a creative, healthy, happy learner. Kathleen referred to wellness as an “employability skill”, which is interesting since I had spent the morning discussing 21st century workplace skills with Mary Jane.

I noticed that Kathleen has put a lot of attention into her physical space (something my “Creativity” Coursera course recommends), and I especially liked the sign on her white board (she finds a new message every couple of weeks). A lot of my learning points to being mindful, whether it is about intentional learning, being active or being happy. It’s easy to get sidetracked by wishing minutes away to get on to another goal, but it’s so important to make the best use of the minute we are in.

Kathleen's sign


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