creative learning

I just finished the Coursera course, “Ignite your Everyday Creativity“, which helped me develop a new understanding of myself as a creative person, which is one of my learning outcomes.

This course encouraged me to be open minded and willing to be “uncomfortable”. My new motto (taken from the last video with Dr Keller-Matthews) is now:

“I am creative. I will use my creativity. I will support the creativity of others”, because “creativity is and is an essential part of a healthy life and an essential aspect of anyone’s education”.

Some significant learning which I plan to apply in my own lifelong learning:

  • Defer judgement (positive or negative; sit on it for 24 hours). Don’t throw ideas out or dismiss them because they came up before.
  • Be willing to commit and practice something to move it from “mini-c” to “pro-c” (even if I don’t reach the genius of “big-c) — this is the Developmental trajectory of creativity
  • Help create a creative culture which provides “scaffolding” for making ideas stable and manipulable.
  • Annoyances have the potential to be the mother of invention. Look at problems as creative opportunities.
  • WISMDI (What I see myself doing is…) Practice this to keep from procrastinating.


To help keep track of my work, I have developed a creative way of using Stephen Covey’s time management system. As things come up, I can assign them to a category to help me determine their importance:

Creative idea


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