my learning non-success

I took another French course this term, but unlike the two courses I took last year, I’m not excited by this one. I’m finding the instruction techniques aren’t a good match for how I learn, and the content feels like it’s over my head. It’s interesting to observe myself as a struggling and non-engaged adult learner; in the past two courses I felt like the content was difficult but achievable. In this course, I don’t.

In one of my Coursera Course on Creativity, I learned that it takes effort to move beyond “small c” creativity (and I am good with language), where we have an aptitude or talent for something, to “big C” creativity, where we have worked to develop proficiency in something we want to accomplish. I will have to revisit how I am learning a second language and try to determine if I can find something to help me create the work patterns that will help me reach my goal.


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