acrl and 21st century skills in workplace info lit

I have been reading research by Annemarie Lloyd, senior lecturer in the School of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University who has researched and written extensively on information literacy in workplace contexts.

In her 2011 article, “Trapped between a rock and a hard place: what counts as information literacy in the workplace and how is it conceptualized”, Lloyd discusses the key issues related to workplace information literacy. Her key themes reflect the new ACRL framework, which advocates a contextual approach as being crucial for becoming information literate. It also underlines the importance of the 21st Century Skills, especially communication and collaboration, without which information people can’t become information literate in today’s workplaces.

Some highlights from this article:

  •  Workplace information literacy should “produce future workers who have the capacity to recognize and understand the central place that information, its creation, production, reproduction, circulation, and dissemination play in sustainable workplace performance” (p. 280).
  • The school “landscape” promotes individual performance and independent learning, whereas the workplace “landscape” is collaborative (pp. 280-281). The critical ground for information literacy research is the workplace (p. 279).
  • Workplace research shows that the generic information literacy skills we have been teaching are not transferable to the workplace (p. 277).
  • “Practice theories” can show us HOW information lit happens (p. 285).
  • Information literacy is not a skill but a practice (p. 286).
  • To become information literate, it is more important for a person to be collaborative than to learn a set of generic information skills (p. 294).


Lloyd (2012) describes a “people in practice perspective”which focuses on the “information landscape of their workplaces and everyday settings (p. 773).

Lloyd, A. (2011). Trapped between a rock and a hard place: What counts as information literacy in the workplace and how is it conceptualized? Library Trends, 60(2), 277-296. Retrieved from
Lloyd, A. (2012). Information literacy as a socially enacted practice. Journal of Documentation, 68(6), 772-783. doi:

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