creativity and collaboration in the 21st century

As part of my Coursera course, Metaliteracy: Empowering Yourself in a Connected World, I watched a series of videos entitled “Everything is a Remix“, which makes the case that creating something new requires us to “copy, transform and combine”. The messages of this video series align with those in the creativity course  I took, which advocates that practice and commitment are needed to be creative (to move from small-c interest to big-C genius, or somewhere in between). In the third video, copying is referred to as the “soil” for creativity; “memes” need to be copied, transformed and combined for new things to happen.

This video series has helped me understand why Creativity and Collaboration are identified as important skills in 21st century workplaces. In order for new things to happen, we have to ensure that ideas, which have often become locked up in a market economy, are cultivated, shared, discussed, mashed up and built upon. This will only happen if our students are encouraged to be collaborative and to think creatively.

As the creator of the video series suggests, we need the best ideas possible, we need them now and we need them to spread fast (video 4).

The P21 course I am taking on Creativity refers to a Fortune Magazine blog post by Barbara Dyer on the need for a creative workforce. She says that “creativity is no longer an option in the workplace…Promoting a culture of creativity requires honing the skills of observation and intention“.


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