the nscc technology strategy, i’m all about that

I have just been reviewing the NSCC Technology Strategy 2016-2021 to ensure that my LCP research remains in line with this document. The plan was influenced by a need to help students and staff develop competencies in digital literacies in order to embrace technology in how we access and use information, areas in which I have been focussing my self-study recently.

There are a number of freely accessible resources which could support the Technology Strategy. One that would be useful for students is the Coursera course, Metaliteracy: Empowering Yourself in a Connected World. This course addresses the following skills:

  1. Evaluating content critically, including dynamic, online content that changes and evolves, such as article preprints, blogs and wikis. This outcome includes discussion of fake news.
  2. Understanding personal privacy information ethics and intellectual property issues in changing technology environments.
  3. Sharing information and collaborating in a variety of participatory online environments.
  4. Demonstrating the ability to connect learning and research strategies with lifelong learning processes and personal, academic and professional goals.

I am also exploring tools which could be used to help students with digital literacies, including Mohawk College’s Digital Skills Toolkit, which I referenced in a previous post, and a new tool, Credo’s InfoLit modules. I have invited my LCP counterparts in Library Services to discuss the Mohawk tool and to take part in the Credo demo I have set up for this week.


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