student services and workplace info lit

Last week, I met with one of my mentors, Lisa, to discuss how she incorporates workplace info lit into her Student Services department and some of the results of the Student Services Aligment Project.

We discussed how the new student services model supports one of the recommendations from the Ivany Report, to bring people into the workforce who have been traditionally unable to form an attachment to the labour market. Through the Student Services Alignment Project, NSCC is attempting to ensure that the supports are in place to help students experience success in their employment readiness training so that they can begin to form these attachments and enter the labour market. Some of the new initiatives include:

  • New roles for student services staff, including identifying a specific advisor for each student.
  • The Advising piece now happens right away, to try to help students before they reach crisis points in the term.
  • Ability for students to ask for supports and accommodations they need, and to work with a counsellor to develop these supports if they aren’t sure.
  • Programs such as Achieve, which help students with life skills.
  • Incoming student survey individual follow up for students who identify they would like assistance with or more support in a specific area.
  • More support for faculty in helping students with “soft skills” — At Lisa’s campus, a series of instructional sessions have been developed which can be incorporated into the classroom:

Akerley Workplace Skills courses.1Akerley Workplace Skills courses.2


nsla presentation and lcp next steps

Last week, Mary Jane and I met to discuss our presentation at the Nova Scotia Library Assocation coming up in September, and here is our conference plan:

NSLA planning meeting Aug 2_17

Over the next couple of weeks, we will  pull together the information (most of which we already have) and create the slides.

We also planned some next steps for our LCPs. We are looking to consult with faculty and will plan to do that after September when their workload begins to settle down.

  • Getting into the classroom to develop a “People in Practice” model
  • MJ is looking at setting up drop-in editing sessions and will work with Amanda (based on her Writing Centre work)
  • Interview communications instructors about the struggles students in skilled trades seem to have with communications classes.
  • Interview faculty members in a skilled trade program about the “information literacy” skills needed in their field. (Ask questions about the types of resources used on the job, eg, email, procedures manuals, standards).
  • Find out about being involved in the development of a new information literacy plan for NSCC Library Services.


developing strong library collections

Over the past couple of months, I have been exploring ways to analyse the use of our library collections, both print and electronic. I am currently in the process of exploring a collections analysis tool, LibInsight, in which I have started loading usage statistics for e-resources. I am also working with a Novanet tool, Greenglass, which was a snapshot of our print collections taken in December of 2016. Over the next few months I’ll explore both of these tools and other reporting options so I can develop a plan for analysing our library collections to ensure we are providing what we need to.