about my plan

On November 2, 2015, I submitted an application for a Learning College Portfolio (LCP), a self-directed learning plan available to staff at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). The plan took four months to complete and now that it has been approved, I will spend the next three years exploring my own new learning.

I have chosen to focus on information literacy instruction for students in skilled trades classrooms, an area that is not well developed in library or educational literature.

I am a collection development librarian, so I will try to apply my learning to developing great library collections which support innovative library information literacy programming at NSCC.

I have chosen four areas in which to focus my learning (learning goals):

  1. Learn to be a creative learner.
  2. Learn about the students at NSCC in each of four  lifecycles: prospective, transitioning-in, in-progress and transitioning out.
  3. Learn about workplace information literacy strategies for students in skilled trades programs.
  4. Learn to develop great library collections that support these information literacy strategies.

If you are interested in reading my (long and detailed) submission and learning plan (my developed goals), be my guest!

Denise Parrott_LCP application, part 1

Denise Parrott_LCP application, part 2_Learning Plan Development

about me

I have been a librarian for over quarter of a century and have worked in many different types of libraries. I’ve been a children’s librarian, a public library branch manager, a cataloguer, a bureaucrat, and I’m currently the Technical Services Librarian for NSCC. I’m also a mom who has doubled as a roadie for my musician son and a manager for my soccer-player son’s team.